WXYC: Webcasting 10th Anniversary cd

I'm new here (NC), well it's been about 5 years now, but one thing that I have found here in North Carolina is good music. Whether its radio like WKNC or WXYC or if it's venues like The Cat's Cradle and Local 506, the Triangle provides oppourtunities for musicians/fans to explore all different types of music. My friend and former DJ, Todd (that's twice now) turned me onto WXYC and with their webcast (first station in the country by the way), I have another option for good music pumping through my speakers everyday. To celebrate their 10th Anniversary of webcasting they released, what else, but a cd of some of the music that has graced the station's airwaves. The whole thing is available for download by mp3 or by torrent. I'll post a few tracks here, but check out their site to get the whole album and help support an independent college radio station. For more information about WXYC's Webcasting 10th Anniversary Celebration, click here.

1. Report about WXYC’s Pioneering Webstream
2. JETT RINK - Born Hungry
3. THE MOANERS - Everybody Wants My Baby
4. PROTEAN SPOOK - Live at the Penland (NC) School of Crafts
5. AUDUBON PARK - The Blasted Heath
6. MALT SWAGGER - Binger
7. SHALLOW BE THY NAME - maxi-yow-mini
8. SPECTAC & MEDIAN - Life Ain’t Easy
9. BRINGERER - Bush Laden Family BBQ
10. BLACK TAJ - Woke Up Tired
11. CANTWELL GOMEZ & JORDAN - Shayna Wuz Here... Peeing Like a Cheetah
12. $TINKWORX - Pararrayos
13. MICRO-EAST COLLECTIVE - Cells - One to Many
14. WORK CLOTHES - South Bronx
15. CAN JOANN - the victor
16. TORCH MARAUDER - Manowar (Sweet Revenge)
17. HOTEL MOTEL - Breaking Into Pictures
18. COLD SIDES - Carrier Frequency
19. SHARK QUEST - Open Season
20. ETTA BAKER - Lost John
21. LIBRANESS - Sykes Temple Lane
22. THE SAMES - All We Need Is a Friend
23. JACUZZI BROTHERS - bright tiger
24. BILLY SUGARFIX - A Space Nomad’s Wildest Dreams