Ten;Ten Compilation

On my continued quest, I ran across this compilation. There are many great tracks here and is definently worth the download. For a little history, read below...

"The year is 1998 and Lil’ RedWagon (run by Chris Abbott) is a new label just starting out, and a zine called Tape-Gun (written by Five Seventeen from My Mean Magpie Records) is approaching it’s third issue. Both are working on separate compilations. Lil’ Red Wagon focused its’ sights on the music of Japan and Tape-Gun was compiling artists for a cassette to accompany the next issue. They knew one another and, at the time, it seemed to make sense to pool their resources and funds and release a full blown CD. And the music began to pour in...

As is the story with many of these compilations, funds, time and delays keep putting off the release. Bands break up, lose contact and everything gets lost, only to be released elsewhere or never. However, though the delays happened, the funds disappeared, and bands disappeared Ten; Ten was released on CDR and now is archived here."
- quote

01-The Yarns-Hello
02-The Long Boat-What Time Tones Mix
04-Kisswhistle-Game Match Were Set
05-Lunchbox-Love Is All Around
06-The Salteens-Crash The Market Version
07-Strawberry Land-Change The World
08-Mean Red Spiders-Secret Galaxy Twins Mix
09-Georgia-George Orwell
10-Jim Guthrie-Where Have All The Heroes Gone
11-Red Go-Kart-Early Morning Playground
12-Oval-Teen-Bending Spoons
13-Jumprope-Forget That Girl
14-Royal City-Theres A Hole In My Heart
15-Recycled Pop-All-Right
17-DeKooning-Fresh Fruit
18-Sisterhood Of ConvolutedThinkers-Sakura No Heya
19-Telegraph Melts-In Eggshell Seas (Remix)
20-Kymbliss-I Fall
21-UnlistedTrack-Kisswhistle-Pocketful Of Rainbows

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