Prayers and Tears: Psalterie available

The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers have released their long out of print first album, Psalterie for free download on their website. This is a true treat and thanks to TB for the heads up. Due to many requests, and the kindness of the band, we now can own a copy of the album that started it all, with new artwork, cover and reverse to download as well. Please partake and enjoy.


book i

1. on the occasion of a departure (ps 39:4)
2. eterna (concerning the end of the world) (ps 30:9)
3. another rock star laments (ps 88:5)
4. a second reply to st. anselm of canterbury in his adolescence (ps 17:15)
5. shaking apart (ps 35:14)

book ii

6. the sun fell on you (ps 119:82)
7. come ye sinners poor and needy (ps 109:22)
8. the most important words (ps 80:5)
9. saving since september (ps 89:49)
10. new york (all the right angles) (ps. 59:6)


11. honesty out / unhappy in love

I highly recomend checking out their website here and purchasing the Mother of Love Emulates the Shapes of Cynthia. Here is a sample:

.: concerning lessons learned from the aliens