The Nameless Faceless

"Classic Rock" influences mixed in the same bag that created My Morning Jacket and you have begun to scrape through the outer shell of The Nameless Faceless. The band's first album, Ribbon Blue, is now available for download on their site and the band's second album, Be In, was released earlier this year and is how I stumbled upon this four piece band from Canada. With elegant acoustic guitar work, soft ghost-like vocals and 7min tracks, what more could you want. Check out the band's website, their garageband site, their blog, and the tracks below.

From Be In

.: everything is the same now that you're gone
.: stars, trees, waves and love

Bonus via website:
Ribbon Blue

2.rhythm and thyme
3.sleepy smoke
4.the real northern blues saddened me
6.we meet with Pete

7.I have a mind
8.when greatness gets lost lungs are in my mind
10.I have half a mind
11.thank you

You can purchase a cd or mp3's of Be In via the band's website.