Mix 2.2

Ancient Crys - Norfork and Western
Familar - Radiant Darling
Last Songs - Gunshy
Saw Mill Man - Cast King
10,000 Roses (For Me) - Marzuki
The Pruner's Pair - Josephine Foster
The Golden Gate - Dame Satan
Amateur Drunks - Casey Meehan
The Clock Makers Daughter - The Notes and Scratches
The Ghost Mary and her Friends - Pet Politics
- Jens Lekman (live from Stora Teatern)

This is a must download, from Secretly Canadian comes Jens Lekman: Live at Stora Teatern. You can download it from emuisc here. Highly Recomended!

Speaking of Jens, through a link from Song:Illinois, leading us to Lonoise, comes 5 mpeg clips from Jens Lekman and Jose Gonzalez Live in Gothenburg (2003) dvd

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