Jens Lekman

I've really been getting into this guy for a while and I should have included him in my top 15 of 2005. Honestly he has a sound all his own, although I recognize the references to Morrissey, Belle and Sebastian, and others, but his orchestral pop songs combine what's great about those "bands" and reinvents it into a truely, almost cinematic experience. Oh You're So Silent Jens, his new collection of previously released singles and B-sides, was released by Secretly Canadian earlier this year and has been on constant play here. A great find over at SC is Jens Department of Forgotten Songs. There are demos, unreleased and hard-to-find material and all is worth owning. Click the link above to check it out or sample some of the tracks below.

(mp3) Black Cab (from Oh You're So Silent Jens)
(mp3) You Are The Light (from Oh You're So Silent Jens)

From Dept. of Forgotten Songs:

Past, Present, and Future
(mp3) Do Impossible Things
(mp3) The Wrong Hands
(mp3) Draw a Dinosaur For Me