Half-Handed Cloud

Half-Handed Cloud is the brain child of John Ringhofer. With his array of multi instrument/media productions, HHC takes us on a journey, his journey. Just check out his website as it opens with animated kangaroos, the virgin Mary and a squirrel. He has released three full length albums and his fourth, Halos & Lassos, is set to be released on Asthmatic Kitty in March of 2006. What struck me to write this post was the 10/05 release of the 5 track, 7" EP What's the Remedy. Recorded in a friend's basement years ago (2002) with, none other than AK's poster boy, Sufjan Stevens, the tracks combine songs of medicine, tablets, letters and graves. Check out one of the cuts below.

.: I Got A Letter

Take a listen to a few more tracks from prior releases

.: Animals are Cut in Two (from Thy is a Word & Feet Need Lamps)
.: We're Very Greatly Loved (from We Haven't Just Been Told, We have been Loved)
.: Can't Even Breath (from Learning About Your Scale)
.: The Body Binds Us (from Learning About Your Scale)

All albums can be purchased through AK or Insound or downloaded through emusic.