Great Lake Swimmers

Somewhere floating between the ghost of Nick Drake and the souls of Will Oldham and Neil Young is Tony Dekker, the lead singer of the Great Lake Swimmers. With the release of their second album, Bodies and Minds, the GLS continue what they starter with their alt-country sense, gentle vocals, and delicate instrumentation. Bodies and Minds was recorded in a lakeside church in rural southern Ontario and for some reason I would expect nothing less. GLS have been on rotation here on this cold rainy afternoon, so I thought I would give you a taste of what we're listening too. Enjoy.

Various Stages (from Bodies and Minds)
Bodies and Minds (from Bodies and Minds)

Moving Pictures Silent Films (from s/t)
I will Never see the Sun (from s/t)
Merge, A Vessel, A Harbour (from s/t)

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