Floation Toy Warning

Flotation Toy Warning are ..."rooted in creating a truly postmodern sound. Their ambitious debut album, Bluffer's Guide to the Flight Deck, cements this London five-piece as modern masters of their own brand of baroque, experimental pop." bio from Misra

They truely do expand the horizon in experimental pop and it does draw a slight comparision to that of Jens Lekman/mixed with the Flaming Lips and maybe that's why I am getting into them and wanted to pass along these guys to you. An orchstra of beautiful sounds, dream-like harmonies, electronic beats and sound samples, mixed with the amazing vocals of Donald Drusky and co. provides the listener a glimpse into a sonic landscape of epic proportions. Check out their website and the two tracks below.

Popstar Reaching Oblivion
Happy 13

You can purchase the album here or download here or here