The Collective and other News

Well I'm finally getting that music video show (The Collective) together and I really have some great videos planned for the first episode. I've been working with Barsuk and Beggars (looking for any and all other record / independent labels to contribute) and some local labels to produce the first show. Locally we will air videos from Farewell, a band out of Greensboro, The Know, from Raleigh, and Jimmy and the Teasers (they do the theme music for Second Cinema). Nationally we will have videos from Nada Surf, The Mountain Goats, Devendra Banhart, Calla, and The National to name a few. We are really excited and hope that we can help expose these artists to the general public in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area. If you guys know any artists, or you are an artist, and would like to contribute to the show, please send me an email.

In other news. I just purchased The Notes and Scratches cd last night and it's great. If you liked the samples that were up here yesterday, then you will love the album. If you purchase online you get the hand drawn cd mailed to you, but you also get immediate access to all songs via mp3 download and a digital booklet. Awesome album! You can purchase Uh OH! here.

Alessio and Francesco from Indie for Dummies , an Italian MP3 Blog, contacted me (their trying to contact every music blog, so no, I'm not that special) in regards to providing them with a Top 10 list of the albums of 2005. Very difficult to narrow to ten, but I did, along with 6 extra albums that had to be mentioned. I look forward to their results and check out their site. Thanks guys.

Well it seems that I have been posting alot lately, but I guess I have the time and trust me there's plenty to post about. I will be doing another Vinyl Upload Series installment either tomorrow or this weekend so check that out. It'll be well worth it.