Cast King

Well I owe this find solely to Songs:Illinois (that's two mentions in one day, check out his blog if you haven't already)

Cast King,
"a 79 year old country music journeyman hails from a small spot in the hills of Alabama between Heaven and hard luck called Old Sand Mountain where he has been distilling and refining original country music tunes for the last 6 1/2 decades. The singer and guitarist, who disappeared from the music scene in the early 1960s, was rediscovered by Matt Downer, a country-music aficionado who was traveling around Alabama documenting the songs of aging musicians. Together they recorded "Saw Mill Man," a collection of ballads with names like "Cheap Motel" and "Wino."
- Locust website

I am totally in love with his music and the downloads I got from his site. To top it all off, I just heard him on our local radio WXYC and I knew that I had to purchase his LP, Saw Mill Man. I just made the purchase a few moments ago, one of 500 vinyl copies. This will be perfect to listen to alone, in my den, with a glass of MM. You can purchase your copy here.

I also wanted to post this to let you know that emusic just uploaded the album and it is now available for download here. This album is a must!!!

.: Wino
.: Saw Mill Man
.: Memphis, TN