Between the Pine

I was searching a few labels this afternoon and checked up on 80H, a primarily web based label with most releases available for direct download. On the front page is a beautiful record cover of two pine trees, two mountains and it looks to belong to an artist I may like. I am a sucker for great album art and when checking out new music, an album cover is all I have to go by. Nine out of ten times I find a winner when the artwork sticks out to me and this time is no exception.

Between the Pine is Jim Diotte and I have to say I don't know much about this band other than he is from Road Island, but when I heard the tracks from 80H's free 3 track s/t ep, I was hooked. We Awoke draws Sufjan refrences, but stripped down to it's purest form. Please Sit Down, is deuted with his wife and their vocals blend so well together against an acoustic backdrop. I'll Carry My Father's Joke, plays more with instrumentation, but don't get me wrong, Diotte's vocals are still dancing in the foreground.

This EP is great, and that I just discovered it is even better, and that it's free blows my mind. Download Between the Pine now. Check out Jim's website here and purchase is new LP from Hot Rod Porta. Check out We Awoke from the Between the Pines EP.

.: We Awoke