Back in the Saddle

Well I'm back in wonderful Raleigh, NC and I had an amazing time in FLA. I was fortunate enough to have recieved mass quantities of vinyl for Christmas and even scored a new Mac. I figured we would work it back slow today, at least that's the way I feel right now at 9am and only 2 cups of coffee. Oh, I hope everyone enjoyed the 2 podcsts I posted over the holidays, just something new I'm trying. Anyway on to what's spining today.

Everyone has been high on Andrew Bird and I just found out why. Lucky for me he's coming my way 3/22/06. Check out one of his tracks from his latest LP, The Mysterious Production of Eggs (buy)

.: A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left

I've been listening to the 2 sample tracks from Holy Sons new 10" EP, My Only Warm Coals (buy) on Morc Reacords. Morc discribes the record, " both old and new recordings by grails -drummer emil amos. lofi countryfolk. 12 tracks with a perfect average length of 2 mins each."

.: Under Dog Cringe
.: The Bad Sleep Well

Ever since I found out about Jim Diotte's band Between the Pine, they have been on constant rotation. Here is a track from his other band number 1, i love you.

.: kissalil' bit