Soundtrack Enthusiast series

I was searching around the web this weekend and stumbled upon a truely great music blog entitled An Aquarium Drunkard. He had great mentions like BPB, Sigur Ros, Matt Pond PA, and some classic stuff like B-52's via 1979 and a review of Born to Run's latest reincarnation, but what really grabbed my attention, and the main reason I'm mentioning it here, is a new series he seems to be putting out devoted to Soundtracks.

He has only compiled two so far, but did he come out swinging. Sountrack Enthusiast 1 is devoted to the music of Wes Anderson, with greats like, 2000 Man (Rolling Stones) from Bottle Rocket, Nothing In This World Can Stop Me Worrin' (The Kinks) from Rushmore, Judy Is A Punk (The Ramones) from The Royal Tennebaums, and Starman (Seu Jorge) from The Life Aquatic.

Soundtrack Enthusiast 2 is devoted to the work of one of my favorite directors, David Lynch. He looks at In Dreams (Candy Colored Clown) (Roy Orbision) from Blue Velvet, Fire Walk With Me (Angelo Badalamenti) from Twin Peaks, This Magic Moment (Lou Reed) from Lost Highway, and Crying (Llorando) from Mullholland Drive.

I hope he continues the series, because I can't wait to see what's next. Dont' just take my word for it, check out An Aquariam Drunkard .