Pink Nasty

I just got an email from a buddy of mine (Todd) about my post on The Kevins and asked me if I had heard of Pink Nasty (who in fact recorded and is a member of The Kevins and also with BPB on his latest Summer in the Southeast lp) I said that I read about her, but no, I didn;'t know her work. I checked her out and I was missing something for sure. Pink Nasty is good...period. Her Bio from her site reads,That says it all. Get on board if you haven't already and check out Pink Nasty. You can order Mule School here. Check out her site here and enjoy the sample tracks below (3 from Mule School and one demo from Mold the Gold)

(mp3) Sssnake
(mp3) Six Feet Deep In Love
(mp3) What the Fuck

(mp3) Grove 'n' Grind (Mold the Gold demo)