Old Canes

Layers of home-recorded toy pianos, children's xylophones, & trumpets, combined with the traditional folk-rock instuments of acoustic guitars, banjos, and harmonicas, fill my computer and my head. These amazing and upbeat rustic sounds are that of the Old Canes.

Old Canes is a band headed up by Appleseed Cast front man Christopher Crisci. He departs from the usual space rock for a multi-instrumental folk exploration and nails it. Recorded and mixed at home by Crisci, Early Morning Hymns, is a mix of folk, punk, indie, and bluegrass. Their debut album, Early Morning Hymns was released July 20, 2004 and can be purchased here or on iTunes. Take a listen to the tracks below.

Early Morning Hymns
Track Listing:
1. Blue Eleanor
2. Taxi On Vermont
3. Both Falling Bright
4. Life Is Grand
5. Early Morning Hymns
6. The Song Was Right
7. Then Go On
8. Face It
9. One Day
10. 7th Fret Closer

(mp3) Taxi On Vermont
(mp3) Face It