Midweek Mojo

Wednesday afternoon and I'm just getting ready for a Second Cinema shoot we have at 6pm. I figured I would just post a few new things I've been checking out.

Grooveblaster just realeased a new track and head over to Check This Out Pop Zine
(mp3) Get It On

Terrance Mallick is one of my all time favorite directors, and although he has only offically directed 3 films, they have been masterpieces. Which leads me to his latest creation, The New World, and to be honest, I hope it will live up to my expectations. Enjoy the trailer.
(qtv) The New World

An interesting blog that I found while reading BoingBoing, entitled Cryptomundo

The Clientele have been spining here at the office, so here are a few tracks.
(mp3) Since K Got Over Me (from Strange Geometry)
(mp3) I Had This To Say (from Suburban Lights)

Also the late great Parker and Lilly
(mp3) Motel Lights (from Here Comes Winter)
(mp3) Desrt Holiday
(from Hello Halo)

This is a really great find. Video footage of The Decemberists performing at KCRW on their Piescaresque promotion tour.
(mp4) KCRW Decemberists
(video found through links here)