Latest Listenings & Holiday Wishes

Just a quick post with two of the bands I have been listneing too. If I don't get another chance to post again today, I hope eveyone has a great Thanksgiving (US readers) and a great weekend. M.


As you longtime readers know, I love the NYUB poscast. Huge advocate for MK. Anyway, I heard these guys on NYUB #25 and have been getting into them quite a bit. BirdMonster is David Klein-guitar, Justin Tenuto-bass, Zach Winter-drums, and Peter Arcuni-guitar/vocals. I've read they were an instumental band starting out and that's not hard to believe considering the 1min 27sec intro on a 2:49 track. Intimately intense lyrics that rip at you. Simply awesome! The worst part about finding out about these guys is that they have only released a 3song EP, but luckly, studio plans are set for January, so be on the look out for what possibly could be a top album of 2006. Check out their site here, their myspace, and you can purchase their ep from cdbaby or available for download at iTunes. The band, BirdMonster, the song for you to preview,

(mp3) Resurection Song

The Kevins

Any band that believes in first base, well thought out mix tapes, and pancakes, is a band for me. The Kevins are two brothers that, according to their website, recorded these songs during three consecutive white Christmas eves in Wichita, Kansas. With the humor that seems to surround their site, I can only take this statement at face value, but what I am sure of, is that these guys are good, real good. Short, sweet, acoustic love songs. ..."a winning combination, I confess." Check out their site here and purchase their cd through the instructions here. The band, The Kevins, the songs for you to preview,

(mp3) I Just Can't Get Her
(mp3) Special Pillows
(mp3) You

(11/29 edit- Black Nasty and Pink Nasty are the members of The Kevins according to AMG,
...the joke of The Kevins is to see just how far they could take the same concept in the other direction. The fact that the rapper best known for bragging about his HIV-positive status could actually record the catchy abstinence ditty "The Wait" no doubt shows how an artist whose expansive sense of humor allows him the luxury of playfully sniping at both extremes can make for some fun and memorable tracks, but it's a sense of overall inconsistency that keeps the The Kevins from gelling quite as cohesively as the Nasty family efforts that preceded it."
There you have it folks...who knows, but I do enjoy the tracks from The Kevins that much is sure)