A happy holiday to you all. I feel about 5 pounds heavier full of turkey and what not and took a small break to enjoy the family. Well the house is somewhat quiet and the headphones go on once again.

Probably the best part of the weekend is that a friend of mine really got me hooked on CocoRosie. I should have been in tune with these beautiful ladies earlier, but some how they managed to go under my radar. Well I'm catching up for lost times with a sample from both of their releases in La Maison de Mon RĂªve (2004) and Noah's Ark (2005) below. Their most recent release, Noah's Ark might posibly be that final tenth album in my Top Ten of 2005. Unbelievably enchanting vocals and their processing of music is absolutely amazing. Angelic in a heaven that I would like to know. Check out their site with Touch and Go for info on the band, tracks to sample, and even a video for Noah's Ark.

(mp3) Noah's Ark
(mp3) Beautiful Boyz (w/ guest vocal by Antony)

(mp3) By Your Side
(mp3) Good Friday

You can purchase the albums through Insound, Amazon, or download them from iTunes or emusic. These are a must in any record collection and I am glad I finally got them into mine.