Magnolia Electric Co. new album

Hard to Love a Man, is the latest album from Jason Molina's, The Magnolia Electric Co. Due out October 11th, listen to a sneak peak with Doing Something Wrong courtesy of Secretly Canadian. M.E.C. is my favorite incarnation of Molina and he really brings that "Working Class Rock" back to a new generation. He reminds me of N. Young and recalls moments of Born to Run. Trails and Errors has been one of my favorite albums of '05 and What Comes After the Blues (another '05 release) didn't fall far from that tree. One of the hardest working bands in my eyes, they release Hard to Love a Man later this month and from what I've heard, it will be another gem in Secretly Canadian's crown.

(mp3) Doing Something Wrong


from Trails & Errors
(mp3) Dark Don't Hide It
(mp3) Cross the Road

from What Comes After the Blues

(mp3) Dark Don't Hide It
(mp3) Leave the City