It's now October 3rd and I haven't posted here since last Monday and my apologies go out to you all for the lack of updates. I was updating 2 to 3times a day before and hope to get back to at least 1 a day. I have seen there has been a constant stream of people searching the ol' blog and I thank you for that. More to come...I promise.

One thing that has happened since we last spoke is that I am now producing a new program that will be be premiring in October entitled, The Collective. It will air in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, & Chapel Hill) and will be a music video program, airing videos from local bands as well as national indie artists. I've been working with Barsuk and Matador most recently. If anyone has any videos for their bands, please send them my way. Post a comment and I will get back to you. There is nothing around here like this and I have the ability to create it so I will do my best at bringing the area the inspiring and entertaining videos from Indie artists that can only be seen on the web, and bring them into people's living rooms. Wish me luck. A new mix on the way and a posting on some tracks that are in heavy rotation.