Windsor for the Derby

Windsor for the Derby's latest, Giving Up the Ghost, comes out tomorrow,8/16, through Secretly Canadian and I'm just now getting a chance to listen to the lp. Secretly Canadian said..."The songs of "Giving Up The Ghost" find influence in sources as distinctly diverse as Italian horror films to Civil War death notices while maintaining a foothold in the most base elements of the modern human condition-- disappointment, breakup, heartache, and the trials and tribulations of creating art in an increasingly stringent cultural climate." SC ...and you can hear the influences loudly. Empathy for People Unknown, which you can sample below, reminds me of The Goblins (Suspiria sdtrk) and the album has a real since of atmosphere to it. The songs on the album surround and engulf you like a ghostly fog, transporting the listener into situations and surroundings uncharted by most musicians today. Recommended.

Empathy for People Unknown
(mp3)Giving Up

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