The Somnambulants

The Somnambulants are:
Joseph White: Bass, vocals, synths, programming
Channing Sargent: Synth, vocals

"Contrary to their title, The Somnambulants are anything but sleepy. Their music is best described as electro-pop, though for them, the secret formula is to avoid writing “electronic music,” and to write instead great songs that just happen to use electronic instruments." website

The Somnambulants are a two piece boy/girl band making wonderful "noise" with electronic instruments. You can tell they are influenced by indie pop, but don't let that get you down, because mixing this influence with the electronics, makes for great fun. Soft, and sweet at moments, dark and edgy at others...Check them out today and make sure to check out the qtv below, beautiful video!

I found these guys through the Clairaudience Collective, which turns out, is a collective started by The Somnambualnts.

"Clairaudience is based in Brooklyn, NYC. We are a group of musicians and artists who have banded together to share resources, talents, and contacts. We all share common goals and are pursuing similar dreams. The best way for us to succeed is to combine energies into the Clairaudience Collective. Our belief: The more we help each other, the more we help ourselves." clairaudience

Check out both the Collective's site and The Somnambulant's site. You can purchase their music (strongly recomend) here.

(mp3) Water Colors
(mp3) Beat Down
(mp3) Evacuation (remix)

(qtv) In the Interest of Continuity