Running Sore

Came across the band Running Sore and was completely captured by the intimate bedroom recording style, lyrics, and instrumentation. I have these three tracks running constantly through the ipod.

"Evolving out of unfit songs for then indie punk fore-project King Kong's Dick, Andy Mitchell started releasing a sporadic stream of homespun cassettes and CDs under the title of Running Sore. (lifted from a song by another band based on a Samuel Beckett play)

After a dozen line-up changes, and reinventions Running Sore is now running strong as a fore-runner for Ames, IA's Alt-Country/Indie Pop scene. Now playing out fairly regularly, and recently releasing a split LP with Of Insects, and The Cryogenic Strawberries, Running Sore is currently at the top of their game. Catch them now before they're too trendy to listen to." - artist description from

Check out their website here and download two other tracks from here.

Current line-up:
andy - plays guitar and banjo, voice
joe terry - plays bass guitar
katie kennedy - plays accordion and guitar, voice
adam hawkins - plays bass and drums
jason lippard - saxomaphone
derrick - drums and cymbals

(mp3) caitlyn, don't trust it
(mp3) springtime hands (take 1)
(mp3) cliche of a generation