The National

The National. Who hasn't heard of these guys by now with the success and acclaim of Alligator, but still, I haven't put them up here, so here you go. And if you haven't heard their S/T, Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers, or Cherry Tree, make those your next purchases. So here are a few tracks and 3 videos for you to enjoy from one of the best bands around. With lyrics like... "I'm a birthday candle in a circle of black girls"...need I say more.

(mp3) All the Wine
(mp3) Wasp Nest
(mp3) Slipping Husband
(mp3) Murder Me Rachael
(mp3) Son
(qtv) Son
(qtv) Abel
(qtv) All the Wine (Live Mercury Lounge 2002)

above via brassland and american mary
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