Wake Up. Report.

I hear similarities to alot of bands here (Braid for instance), but the nice thing about this is, at least they took the best parts and transformed them into their own. Wake Up. Report. is a four piece band from Belleville, Illinois and have released their debut record, Record or Record. They are on the right path to success and already I can't stop listening to The No Vote. Currently you can only get the album at shows, but they are working on a "buy online" section to their website. *Update You can now get the cd at their website

Line up:
Gerald Gregory Bach Jr.- drums
Daniel Huffman- bass
Steven James Breidenbach- electric guitars
Bill Hudgins- electric guitars, Rhodes piano, and lead vocals.

Check out the band's official site for more info and upcoming shows.

(mp3) The Telephone Calls (Keep Quiet)
(mp3) The No Vote