Valery's Kin / Apatheia

Apatheia is the band and Valery's Kin is a side project for the group. These guys are from Linkyping, Sweden and at first listen I immediately heard the Devendra Banhart / Pogues reference that refers to. Although there may be similarities, and I use that term loosely, these guys have their own sound and with two different bands, they have the luxury of dabbling in multiple genres and styles. Valery's Kin is my preference if I had to chose just one of the bands, and the reason being is for the lo-fi, acoustic, personal sound they possess. Check out both at Apatheia's official site and download the Valery's Kin album here.

(mp3) Doomsayer - Valery's Kin
(mp3) City Boy (instumental) - Valery's Kin

(mp3) The Temple of Oaks - Apatheia
(mp3) Weight of the World - Apatheia