Un Chien Andalou (1929) Luis Bunuel & Salvador Dali's surrealist masterpiece is "now" available for download, since falling into public domain, from Archive.org. Un Chien Andalou is based loosely on the dreams of Bunuel and Dali. Bunuel's dream centered around a slender cloud slicing the moon in half (ie. the razor blade slicing through the eye), while Dali's dream focused on a hand being engulfed by ants. With themes of love, sex, death, decay, one would expect the film to fit right in with that of modern day David Lynch or Darren Arnofsky, but I suggest eveyone see this film at one point in their lives. I saw it in film school and was literally amazed by it. If you have a highspeed connection definently download this film.

Also saw a film this weekend that I absolutely loved. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou by Wes Anderson. I have loved Wes Anderson's work since Bottle Rocket and this film falls only slightly behind Rushmore as being Anderson's best. The Life Aquatic surrounds Oceanographer/Documenterian Steve Zissou and his rag tag team, "Team Zissou", as they hunt down the dreaded Jaguar Shark that killed his partner/friend. The film is still filled with a wonderful hodge podge of eclectic characters, but in this film, Anderson introduces us to a plot that pulls the viewer through surrealist settings, dialogue, and adventure as only Wes Anderson can. No longer are we focuesed on the hipster character solely, but now Anderson has added a new angle to his storytelling and frankly I can't get enough. I saw the movie, or should I say "film" two times already and hope to watch it again this weekend. Check out the trailer to the film here.

Another great aspect to this film is it's amazing soundtrack. Like his two previous works, Anderson truely uses the soundtrack as another character in the film. The music throughout the film is primarily Seu Jorge covering David Bowie songs in Porteguese. They sound absolutely brilliant and they literally move the film from one act to the next, and honestly I was sitting there wondering, what would the next Bowie classic be. Check out the soundtrack at iTunes or here.

Get a sampling of Seu Jorge performing Life on Mars here