Racingpaperplanes is a Swedish band/solo project from Richard Wilson. The band seems to have gone through many stages, with Wilson always remaining the constant. Their sound reminds me of Jason Molina (Songs:Ohia, Magnolia Electric Company) Neil Young, with a touch of Will Oldham. Acoustic guitar and soft, lonesome lyrics help propel Racingpaperplanes to the forefront of what I am currently listening to. Not only do we have well put together songs, but we also do get some great solo guitar work that furthers the comparrison to Molina and company. Their website is quite extensive on providing the inquisitive viewer an overlook and sampling of the band. They also have a blog which can be found here. The band's current release is Self Sleep Service and can be purchased through Tract Records here. The samples are from this album, and samples from past work can be found on the band's website, along with pictures, a discography, and news on upcoming ep's and shows.

(mp3)Melt To One
(mp3)Last A Lifetime