The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers.: Check out a write up and downloads at M!DWEST! and check out their site here. Slow, sad, and extremely good!
(mp3) Concerning Lessons Learned From the Aliens.
(mp3) Cannot Eat Better Not Sleep

The Like Young
.: Check out this duo's site here and get their album So Serious.
(mp3) Really Up To You
(mp3) Tighten My Tie

The Mekons.: I only heard one song and let me tell you it's not what I normally listen to . A lot slower, but at 1:38am, it definently hits the spot. Check out Ghosts of American Astronauts from their album, So Good It Hurts. Get it here.

Lazarus.:Last track tonight, and I guess I'm more into slow stuff tonight, but this is Croslin St. from Trevor Montgomery, who is now sporting the name Lazarus. ..."the voice that sings with projected whispers while a lonely acoustic guitar trails slowly behind."-bP Check out the track for download here.