New Name for a New Year

With a new day, comes a new year, and on that note...The Perm & The Skullet blog was born. When I first started this blog, I wasn't sure if anyone would even care what I had to say or if anyone would ever visit the site. I've been doing this since May and it has become like an appendage. Hayhurst's Blog was just that a blog for me and my friends, but now that people from around the world have come to check out this blog, I feel that yes it is my blog still, but that it's now bigger than that. I may be wrong and you can have your own opinion, but I felt that a new name was in order. A name for the site and not just my name.

And so, as I mentioned earlier, The Perm & The Skullet is born. You may ask, "why that name?" The name comes from a faux band that my friends and I created after a night at The Flying Saucer here in Raleigh. The night started like any other, but would culminate with the meeting of two middle aged individuals, one male, one female, one perm and one skullet. They chattered amongst themselves, courting and toying with one another. Finding this combination fascinating and bizarre, we could not turn away. Of course to this day we still mention that night and the wonderful name of The Perm and the Skullet. The name is just so great and it can be used for any form of entertainment, not just a band. An adolescent novel, Are You There God, It's Me The Perm & The Skullet, a tv show like Scarecrow & Mrs. King or Hunter, The Perm & The Skullet, Saturday nights on CBS. But yet, the band is where we started and still find the most laughs in. So be on the look out for our first album "Greatest Hits".

I hope everyone has enjoyed this blog as much as I have and I hope to continue to bring you great sites, good music, insightful thought, and films from around the globe. Check back soon and thanks for stopping by.