New and improved?

With a re-formating of a hard drive and re-installing old software and updating all night long, I finally have one HD that is now running 10.3.9. I hope this will last for awhile, while I go get another HD and try to set the new HD up for Panther .9. Who knows? But I'm back again from home...for now. Let's see what's out there...

Jesus is Magic

Sarah Silverman's new film that premired at SXSW.

Pickup Sufjan Steven's Illinoise. You can get it from insound as a pre-order with the new cover art or the itunes store. Don't forget to check out Borrowed Tunes for 2 free tracks.

Check out Bedazzled. A blog about music/movies of an era I wish would return. You won't be disapointed.

You know, on that note, after the long day and it now being 1:26am, I think I will call it a day. Let's hope the G4 holds up. Talk to you tomorrrow. M.