Mac Death

Well it almost official, I'm loosing one of my internal hard drives on my G4. Unfortunantly it's the one with Panther, iTunes (1000's of songs), and iPhoto (almost 1000 pics). It came back for a while, but it's like my computer won't recognize that the drive exists. I took a look at the disk utilities and it said failing for one of the HD. It looked to be my other HD, but on start up HD1 won't boot. So my week will consist of using my pc for computing (that sucks, trust me) and working on getting my HD1 back long enough to transfer my pics and music. Most of my mp3's are backed up on my ipods so that's o.k. for now, butwhat a pain in the ass. I don't know the life of these guys, but I have had my G4 since 2000 and I didn't think it would go down so soon. If anyone has some ideas on this, please shoot them my way. The picture just made me feel better.