The Hong Kong

Think Blondie meets modern day, electric fuzz and you will be close to The Hong Kong's sound. Originally from New Orleans, later re-grouping in Brooklyn, NY, The Hong Kong's are just waiting to blow up . They just signed with Ric Ocasek's new label, Inverse Records in March '05 and just got back from being on Tour with the Ceasers. AMG had this to say about their 2004 debut release:

"The Hong Kong's debut record, Rock the Faces, is junk-shop pop at its finest. Built out of parts of various great bands and artists, it shines like a brand new artifact. The list of components reads like a hipster's Christmas wish list: the steady pulse and electronic savvy of Stereolab, the heady rush of classic girl groups like the Shangri-Las, the tough melodic craft of Blondie, and the tin can studio feel of the Jesus and Mary Chain, all topped by the wonderfully tough and rich vocals of Catherine Culpepper" AMG ****

Check out their website, their myspace, and watch a live performance from the Bowery Ballroom here.

(mp3) Mazerati
(mp3) Galaxies