"The Godfather of Ska Laurel Aitken died on Sunday, at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, England. Born in Cuba in 1927, he emigrated to Jamaica and started recording in 1958 and in the following year he recorded charttopping "Boogie in my Bones".Later he would emigrate to London and continue to record hundreds more sides for the likes of Melodisc and Pama. When the 2Tone era started he was once again in the limelight and he had his UK top 60 hit "Rudi Got Married".Laurel Aitken's is a legend of Jamaican music with a career spanning more than five decades." - Reggae News

He was a great performer and if you like ska, hell, reggae in general, I hope you have heard of Aitken, but if not here are a few tracks for you to sample.

(mp3) It's Too Late
(mp3) Sally Brown
(mp3) Skinhead