G8 Results

In a nutshell:
  • Stalemate on climate change as US position barely budges
  • Britain is to host a 1 November meeting on climate change, to assess progress
  • G8 nations agree to full debt cancellation for 18 countries, while African countries call for debt relief for all Africa
  • EU members pledge to reach a collective aid target of 0.56% of GDP by 2010, and 0.7% by 2015
  • The G8 agrees a $50bn (£28.8bn) boost to aid
  • A 'signal' for a new deal on trade
  • Universal access to anti-HIV drugs in Africa by 2010
  • G8 commits to training 20,000 peacekeepers for Africa
  • African leaders to commit to democracy and good governan

So was it a success? My view is that yes it was. Reason being is that I did not think that this much would actually be accomplished. Unfortunately climate issues have reached a stalemate, but hopefully in November we can get something accomplished. As far as African aid, whipping the debt of 18 countries and $50bn in aid money is a lot of money and this has to be hailed as a success and I hope the public's outcry help determine this large chunk of change. Ultimately Africa needs to look out for Africa.
Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, who heads the African Union, said "The G8 leaders are now saying to African leaders, 'yes', if you do your side of the deal we will do our side of the deal." and I couldn't agree more, but we need to make sure that the monies get to the people, the children, who need it most, not to the corrupte leaders that shave off 40% for their cars and palaces, and I hope that something to that regard will be put into place. If you looked at this G8 summit and hoped for the US to do a 180 on Climate and to rid all of Africa of all debt, then I guess you would call this event a failure, but realistically I would have to say it was a step in the right direction and moving forward is always better than moving back.