The Black Spoons

It's funny how things happen. Right now, being 4:30am and I can't sleep, I decided to check the old blog out and to my surprise, Tom from The Black Spoons posted a comment here thanking me for mentioning the band. I say it's funny, because today I was listening to Your Softest Leather and thought man, I think I will post a bit about The Black Spoons tomorrow. It's just weird how I was going to do that and then between the hours since last post and now, Tom was kind enough to drop a line.

Anyway on to more with The Black Spoons. If you haven't heard these guys from NY and their album My Dear Radium yet, you are truely missing out. "My Dear Radium has an infectious effect. It's light and catchy as it first enters the ear, but then it lodges into the back of the brain and starts to have an affect on the listener's cognitive ability." - And I agree with that quote totally! I started listening to them and they kept popping up on the ipod and then I found myself singing the songs in my head, I put them on a mix, but that wasn't enough because they have been on every playlist I have had since then.

"We don't deserve to be so pretty but we are" is the first line from Your Softest Leather and that has to be one of the greatest first lines to any song. It reminds me of Velvet Underground/Bowie meets the modern NY sound and this applys to most songs on the album, but The Softest Leather is the real stand out to what I have heard. With its slow seductive lyrics and its upbeat chorus, this needs to be on every college/independent radio station, hell evey radio station, because these guys are on their way to bigger and bigger things. The album is full of tight riffs and intellegent arrangments/lyrics and, thankfully not the overplayed sound of most rock bands today. One thing I love about their music is that I can picture them performing on stage although I have never seen the band. To me that says alot.

Well, thanks again Tom, for stopping by and taking the time to say hi. I apppreciate it, and check out The Black Spoons's website here and Tom's blog, Indie Night School. Below are two tracks from their album My Dear Radium. Enjoy!

(mp3) Your Softest Leather
(mp3) Password