Podcasting + rant

As you know from my website and the links here, I am a big fan of podcasting. I have been listening to podcasts since early January and have become an avid fan of Reel Reviews, Daily Sonic, Not Your Usual Bollocks, & the Dawn and Drew show. I have found many great casts out there, like KCRW with Elvis Mitchell, you might recognize this man from the IFC channel, but he interviews actor, directors, and the show has an independent focus. I have come across smaller podcasts like Puffcast, which is a program about reggae and dub and many others, and continue to try and listen to as many different casts as possible.

People are once again creating in a way to let their voices be heard. Now I realize, like everything great, it will eventually get commercialized and fall under corporate hands, but now is the time to enjoy the raw independence of it. That being said, the future has not been written. I hope that the evolution of podcasting continues to stay on its current coarse and that I am wrong to assume or believe that this, now great medium, will fall unto the all mighty dollar. As long as podcasts can be assessable to everyone and without censorship, this form of communication should prevail as a way to have “our” voices heard. Let’s hope that those who started this will always keep that independent mindset and remember why they set out to provide this form of communication in the first place. We will have see how the new iTunes 4.9 treats this and how the newly created Podshow handles this...but let’s hope for the best.
I don’t know why I went off on this tangent, I was just going to let you know of a podcast that focuses on bringing “old time” radio programs into the digital age, but some how my mind and hands just kept typing. Anyway, I got this from BoingBoing, by the way if you have not checked out their site, please do. Click on the link above or click here. They bring news of all kinds and from all over. News that I find really interesting, not like CNN type news, but more like information, links, stories, if you into, movies,pop culture, the internet, podcasts, etc...I know you will like them.

Anyway, here is that site. The podcast is Radio Memories and has Amos and Andy, old western series, mystery and sci fi programs, detective stories, all the great’s when radio was the only form of in home entertainment.