House of Cosby

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Go check this out right away! According to Channel 101 and Boing Boing, The House of Cosby will no longer be around. The first episode is still online on another site here and for a little while longer here, on Channel101. Did I tell you to check it out yet. The real Cosby and his lawyers have given a cease and desist letter to channel101 and the creators. " has received a formal request from Bill Cosby's attorney to "cease and desist" serving up your favorite nuggets. We intend to comply with this order. The latest episode of HOC is not available and the earlier episodes will be deactived by 5pm on June 28th. Sorry. - Monday, June 27th - 2005." So like I said, this won't be around much longer, so check it out before it's gone. Torrents can be found here and here