Bang Bang Rock & Roll is the fantastic debut album from the five piece British outfit Art Brut.

"Fronted by terminal ranter Eddie Argos - a man keen to state "yes this is my singing voice, it's not irony" mid-song - Art Brut are a curious prospect. Part irreverent, part introverted, part cocksure yet with an appealing hint of vulnerability, they pepper this debut album with staccato blasts of shambling pop and touching paeans to love unrequited. Taking a Fall-like stream of unconsciousness approach to lyrics, Argos and co have an enthusiasm that is both admirable and infectious. Couple this to an almost irritating knack for penning catchy tunes and the debate concerning whether Art Brut are art rock, art punk or simply art statement becomes irrelevant: Bang Bang Rock And Roll is, simply, top entertainment." - Manchester Online

Tracklisting :

1. Formed a Band
2. My Little Brother
3. Emily Kane
4. Rusted Guns of Milan
5. Modern Art
6. Good Weekend
7. Bang Bang Rock & Roll
8. Fight!
9. Moving to L.A.
10. Bad Weekend
11. Stand Down
12. 18,000 Lira

You can purchase the cd from Insound ($14.25) or download it from iTunes ($9.99)(listen to the album), but what ever you do, don't get it from Amazon because they are selling it as an import for $22.99. (love Amazon, but not for this one) There is also an excellent review done by Pitchfork, in which they gave these guys an 8.9 rating, and if you haven't heard of these guys, you will. You can check out their site here.