Are "Truckers" Dead

First let me say that I personally have a lot of respect for truckers and the truck driving industry. It takes a certain individual that can choose that lifestyle, and yes it is not just a job in my opinion, but a lifestyle. I personally have always thought that the trucker is the modern day cowboy. He travels the "range" from the east to the west and vice versus.Many nights alone barreling down a desolite road with only the wind and stars as companions. Sacrificing everything for the pursuit of wealth, solitude, and adventure.

All this being said, the trucker has always had one obligation to me, and to everyone, young and old, in this great land of ours. That obligation, is that when anyone reaches their arm out of their window and requests, by moving the arm up and down, in that familiar motion, that the trucker must respond with the honking of the horn. I did it as a child and it made my day. An unspoken bond between the trucker, the cowboy, and the individual. I still have friends today that pull the strings and appreciate the honk and the smile. A connection with a perfect stranger and the equal respect given.

Today that respect, that uncommon bond, was sadly broken. I was following an suv with a child in the front passenger seat and he reached out his arm, pumped it in the air and the 18 wheeler that was travelling beside us both refused the horn. The child repreatedly asked for the horn, but nothing. Lastly before the suv exited the highway, the child leaned out slightly, I think I saw a tear fly back and land on my windsheild, but anyway, the child looked up and tugged at the air, pleading with the trucker for one pull of the cable that makes the horn play the sweet music of the new west. Sadly that horn was never honked and the boy's heart, his dreams, were shattered there on the highway.

A sad day my friends, a sad day indeed...