Field Notes - Dime Novel

Field Notes Quarterly Release - Fall 2017 - Dime Novel


I never go anywhere without a notebook, journal or memo pad and for me, there is nothing better than what Field Notes brings to the table. From their basic memo books to their quarterly releases, the craftsmanship is second to none. With their Fall 2017 edition, they draw inspiration from the Dime Novel.

For our Fall 2017 edition, it struck from all the way back in 1860 in New York City and a pair of brothers: Erastus and Irwin Beadle. The Beadles had published a variety of inexpensive paperback books on subjects ranging from the tax code to baseball, but when they released Ann S. Stephens’ frontier tale Malaeska as the first of their orange-covered “Dime Novel” series, it sold more than sixty thousand copies and started a trend for cheap pocket-sized genre fiction.
— Field Notes

With the Dime Novel Edition, they have chosen to go 4¼"× 6½", right between our “Memo Book” and “Note Book” sizes. One of my favorite things about Field Notes is their attention to detail and the aesthetic they bring. It's the subtleties and attention to detail that really make their notebooks shine.


While most of the time I go with the graph paper, I am thrilled they went with the blank page for this release. Another detail that has me excited is that they have chosen to number the pages. This is something I have done on my own in almost every edition I have used, but to have it printed in an elegant font really makes this edition pop. 


The Field Notes “Dime Novel” Edition is available now in 2-Packs or as a part a Year-Long Quarterly Subscription.