Field Notes - Coastal Edition

Spring is in the air and to celebrate Field Notes released their Spring 2018 quarterly Memo Books a few days ago. This limited edition, their 38th overall, will feature two 3-Packs of Memo Books, separated by 2,800 miles. The “Coastal” Edition is a celebration of the left and right edges of the U.S.A.. 


Having grown up on the west coast of Florida I have an affinity for the East Coast series, but either way you can't go wrong.


Each Coastal Pack displays an American coastline mapped across three memo books in two bright holographic foils, stamped and debossed into Neenah Classic Crest “Cadet Gray” 100# cover stock. 

“Coastal: East”  reveals the Atlantic coast from Maine to Florida.

“Coastal: East” reveals the Atlantic coast from Maine to Florida.

  “Coastal: West”  features the Pacific coast from Puget Sound to the Mexican border.

 “Coastal: West” features the Pacific coast from Puget Sound to the Mexican border.

You might not find these maps useful as a navigational aid, but we think you’ll dig the organic shapes and topography they depict. The thing we love most about this edition is also why it’s difficult to photograph. Depending on the the angle of the light, the two holographic foils can appear to be almost any color, although they start as a deep gold on the shore and a rich, aqua blue in the water.


The “ocean” reticle pattern on the cover is repeated on the body pages, printed with a split fountain of ink. The reticles on some pages are blue, some pages are green, and most are somewhere in between. The body paper is our standard Finch Opaque Smooth 60#T.

The “Coastal” Edition will make a fine companion for any spring adventure, no matter which season or what coast you decide to explore. 
— Field Notes Brand

Pick up the East or West editions in a 3-Pack for only $13.