The Night Begins To Shine: Funko Style

Funko Pop! - The Night Begins To Shine Pop!

I just found out today that Funko will be bringing the Teen Titans Go! Night Begins To Shine characters to the Pop! world in February. Boo Yah!


This Pop! series will feature Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, Robin and Bear. The set will also include two Toys"R"Us exclusives- Glow in the Dark Cyborg w/ battle axe & a flocked Bear figure. 

I am so excited about this set and so are my boys. We all love the song and I can't tell you how many times we have watched the episodes. Seriously, at one point in August, it was all we watched. While Night Begins To Shine, the song, was first briefly used in the episode Slumber Party, it wasn’t until episode 40%, 40%, 20% that we were hooked. It harnessed everything cliche, but awesome, about the eighties that I loved and opened my son's eyes to a whole new style of animation and absurdity. Even my wife loves the episode. 


While I know I’ll buy the whole set, those two exclusives Pops are a must own. They look amazing! 

If you're interested, I found this great article on NPR that tells the surprising story of how B.E.R.’s Night Begins To Shine went from a one-off library music track to being featured on the show and, eventually, making it onto the Billboard charts.