My Old Man | No.4 - Anchor Point

Anchor Point is part four of the Yeti film series, My Old Man, which features stories celebrating fatherhood. I've returned to this short film numerous times since stumbling across it a few years ago. JT's words, the way it's shot, the music, everything about this film speaks to me personally. It recalls my own estranged relationship with my biological dad and inspires me; Not only as an artist and someone trying to find their true passion, but as a father.

I’m in search of a feeling, a way of living that makes me happy, a way that has the least impact on others and the environment. A way that is consistent with what my father’s music taught me.

Film credits: Production Co: Farm League Director: Chris Malloy Director of Photography: Danny Moder Editor: George Manzanilla Music: JT & Townes Van Zandt Executive Producers: Tim Lynch & Tieneke Pavesic Producer: David Burden