Poler Frisbee


I was extremely disappointed to hear about that Poler filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy at the end of last year. This was a company that I have supported over the past 5 or 6 years and I’m so bummed it didn’t work out for them. From clothing, gear and bags to drink ware, frisbees and skateboards, it was a company that I felt represented me. I loved, and still ride, their collaboration with Girl Skateboards and carry one of their backpacks nearly everyday.


So why am I writing about them here. I could continue to type out my sorrow, but instead I’ll choose to post about my latest Poler purchase. Yes, new Poler gear is still out there, but with prices being slashes, I’m not sure for how much longer. While this item is not a necessity by any means, it’s an item I have had my eye on for a few years but never picked up. The Poler Enlightenment Frisbee!


This is the original 1.0 frisbee made of recycled plastics and made by Wham-O. I love the look of it and the slogan, “Enlightenment through Abandonment” really hits home. I grabbed the last one at Tactics, which still offers the 2.0 black version and saw that EVO still has at least one in stock if you want to pick up this version.